Not so very long ago, a group of good friends who also happened to be experienced and passionate lawyers came together with a shared vision: to use their collective knowledge to help others realize their dreams, to build a practice based on clear and straightforward relationships, and to genuinely enjoy their practice and their clients.  We wanted to advise innovators from a multifaceted perspective because our own experiences have been so diverse, and our own interests are quite varied.

When we weren’t working at top New York law firms, we were working on startups, opening bars, and living in far-flung corners of the globe.  Even now, when we’re not in the office, we’re making art, DJing, jetting off to new places…in short, we’ve done what you’re doing, and we loved every minute of it.

As a result, we understand your unique needs as well as your passion and drive. We think that’s what sets us apart and makes us ideal partners as you set out to make your dreams a reality.